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British Repertoire

This page contains details of some of the British repertoire that we have sung. Look out for Blog posts about some of the composers in the future. The list is not exhaustive.

William Byrd (c. 1543 – 1623)

  • Mass Propers for the feast of the Blessed Virgin Mary (Advent), from Gradualia Book II (a5)
  • Mass Propers for Easter Day, from Gradualia Book II (a5)
  • Mass Propers for All Saints, from Gradualia Book I (a5)
  • Mass Propers for SS Peter and Paul, from Gradualia Book II (a6)
  • Suscepimus Deus and Nunc Dimittis, from Gradualia Book I (a5)
  • Venite, exsultemus and Laudate Dominum, from Gradualia Book II (a6)

William Cornysh (d. 1502)

  • Ave Maria, mater Dei (a4) (low voices)
  • Salve Regina (a5)

Walter Lambe (c. 1450 – 1504)

  • Nesciens Mater (a5)
  • Stella Caeli (a4)
  • O Maria plena gratia (a6)

William Mundy (c. 1529 – 1591)

  • In aeternum (a6)

John Sheppard (c.1515 – 1558)

  • Libera nos, salva nos (a7)
  • Jesu salvator saecule, redemptoris (a5)
  • In pace (a4)

Robert Whyte (c. 1539 – 1574)

  • Ad te levavi oculos (a6)
  • Domine quis habitabit III (a6)
  • Lamentations (a6)

Robert Wylkynson (c. 1450 – 1515)

  • Salve Regina (a5)
  • Credo (Jesus autem transiens) (a13)
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